Connectra - cultivating business
Our focus
Connectra is focused on three key sectors:
» materials, including:
  • plastics (thermoplastics and thermosets)
  • composites (glass and carbon fibre based)
  • glass in various forms (fibrous, powder, stamped)
  • metals
  • paper/carton
  • building materials (insulation, roofing, etc)
  • technical textiles
» electronics, including:
  • raw materials for PCBs
  • semi-finished products e.g components, seals
  • specialist electronic assemblies
  • specific areas such as switches, optoelectronics, sensors, RFID, etc

» specialty chemicals, including:
  • inks and varnishes in the graphics art sector
  • additives and binders in paper and carton industry
  • high purity specialty materials e.g. TiO2

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